29 de junio de 2010

We do not like soccer

I didn’t think this would be the first announcement in this blog, but it is…
We do NOT like soccer!
Maybe my sisters like, but I am not going to ask them...

The fact is I neither like firecrackers nor fireworks. They make me feel scared. More than scared, they make me feel terrified.
Fortunately, as far as I can remember, my sister Geraldine has always been with me. Even she never gets involved in discussions and even she has a sweet voice that gets on my nerves, it is really helpful her to be near when I feel scared. In cases like that, her mellow voice can calm me down.

Last days it has been so stormy that I have felt very anxious. From our loft, I cannot differentiate between storms and firecrackers, so I cannot sleep well. If it begins to thunder late in the night, I am afraid of being woken up by firecrackers and I fight against sleepiness even I can hardly keep my eyes open.
Then Geraldine tries to reassure me and ask me to turn off the TV.

I think it is clear now the reason why I don’t like soccer, specially a World Cup during stormy evenings.

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