7 de julio de 2010

Like the Garden of Earthly Delights

During my sixth month living in Spain, my first sister arrived.
She was named Geraldine, a Germanic name which means “the spear ruler”. What a mistake, when the boss here is me! But I am sorry mummy: that is not the only mistake with this name…
Geraldine is delicate, she likes flowers, she smells like flowers and her cheeks are soft like flowers petals… Summarizing, she is a prudish girl.

I talked about her virtues in one of my posts, so I don’t want to repeat them now.
Maybe I am a little bit jealous, but I cannot void it.

Geraldine had a new makeup at home. She also got her plastic surgery done and it was made at home! So, even she came from Hong Kong as I did, she received all these attentions here… and from mummy and daddy…
She now has long elegant eyelashes and a deep pink colour on her eyelids. That pink colour is the back of a flowers field. Moreover, she has new eyechips (iris)! She has an enviable honey colour pair with butterflies on it. Added to her silver straight hair…Jealous or not, I find some consolation in the thought that she looks a little bit prudish.

2 de julio de 2010

And... who is chatting?

I just realized I didn’t introduce myself.
My name is Liselotte and the stork brought me here from Hong Kong. Yes, I didn’t live in Spain from the beginning. Before living here, you could have found me in Hong Kong but only one person found me and asked my old owner to send me here: my dear mum.
In the house I was living I received some special attentions. My lips were made thick and glossy, painted in a vivid fuchsia colour. I also got some sexy pink freckles on my nose and, well, I had some plastic surgery done in my head, but I don’t look as well as I could… Even though I have some scars on my forehead, I just think they make me look mysterious.

Regarding my name, my mum was clear about it. She had two good reasons to choose it.
On the one hand, she knows a person in a multinational company called Liselotte and she is a manager (I guess this is the role she expects me to play, so I can be really bossy with my sisters). This was the first time she heard about this German name and she thought she had to spread its use.
On the other hand, something that not many people know, Lilo (yes, that’s the name of the amusing girl from “Lilo & Stitch”) is the abbreviated form of Liselotte.

1 de julio de 2010

Let’s talk about us

At first, let’s talk about our house.
Some dollies are exposed to dust and dirtiness in their houses. Fortunately, nobody smokes here and there aren’t pets. Anyway, our mum decided to prepare a little house for us.
At this moment, we are living in a shelf in the towels wardrobe. Mummy turned it into a cosy loft that is equipped with black and purple velvet sofas. There are cushions with diamonds tears hanging on them, however I would prefer adornments made with sapphires (yes, I haven’t seen any diamond or a sapphire in my whole life, but this is something a dollie knows). And, what I like the most, it smells like the ocean! Maybe the ocean doesn’t smell like softener, but it is what the softener is supposed to smell like…

The loft is quite small for three girls, but we sort it out as best as we can.
As I like to be sitting on the floor and we are in summer, it is a cool way to watch TV while my sisters are sweating profusely on the velvet sofas.

Of course we feel comfortable in our loft, but as soon as we have the opportunity we like to enjoy the rest of the house in which our little house is. Our favourite place is the attic. There is a piece of furniture with shelves on it that we really love. The upper shelf is so high that we can observe any movement in the attic, and it has a wobbly leg so we can enjoy as if we were in a funfair.

29 de junio de 2010

We do not like soccer

I didn’t think this would be the first announcement in this blog, but it is…
We do NOT like soccer!
Maybe my sisters like, but I am not going to ask them...

The fact is I neither like firecrackers nor fireworks. They make me feel scared. More than scared, they make me feel terrified.
Fortunately, as far as I can remember, my sister Geraldine has always been with me. Even she never gets involved in discussions and even she has a sweet voice that gets on my nerves, it is really helpful her to be near when I feel scared. In cases like that, her mellow voice can calm me down.

Last days it has been so stormy that I have felt very anxious. From our loft, I cannot differentiate between storms and firecrackers, so I cannot sleep well. If it begins to thunder late in the night, I am afraid of being woken up by firecrackers and I fight against sleepiness even I can hardly keep my eyes open.
Then Geraldine tries to reassure me and ask me to turn off the TV.

I think it is clear now the reason why I don’t like soccer, specially a World Cup during stormy evenings.