1 de julio de 2010

Let’s talk about us

At first, let’s talk about our house.
Some dollies are exposed to dust and dirtiness in their houses. Fortunately, nobody smokes here and there aren’t pets. Anyway, our mum decided to prepare a little house for us.
At this moment, we are living in a shelf in the towels wardrobe. Mummy turned it into a cosy loft that is equipped with black and purple velvet sofas. There are cushions with diamonds tears hanging on them, however I would prefer adornments made with sapphires (yes, I haven’t seen any diamond or a sapphire in my whole life, but this is something a dollie knows). And, what I like the most, it smells like the ocean! Maybe the ocean doesn’t smell like softener, but it is what the softener is supposed to smell like…

The loft is quite small for three girls, but we sort it out as best as we can.
As I like to be sitting on the floor and we are in summer, it is a cool way to watch TV while my sisters are sweating profusely on the velvet sofas.

Of course we feel comfortable in our loft, but as soon as we have the opportunity we like to enjoy the rest of the house in which our little house is. Our favourite place is the attic. There is a piece of furniture with shelves on it that we really love. The upper shelf is so high that we can observe any movement in the attic, and it has a wobbly leg so we can enjoy as if we were in a funfair.

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