2 de julio de 2010

And... who is chatting?

I just realized I didn’t introduce myself.
My name is Liselotte and the stork brought me here from Hong Kong. Yes, I didn’t live in Spain from the beginning. Before living here, you could have found me in Hong Kong but only one person found me and asked my old owner to send me here: my dear mum.
In the house I was living I received some special attentions. My lips were made thick and glossy, painted in a vivid fuchsia colour. I also got some sexy pink freckles on my nose and, well, I had some plastic surgery done in my head, but I don’t look as well as I could… Even though I have some scars on my forehead, I just think they make me look mysterious.

Regarding my name, my mum was clear about it. She had two good reasons to choose it.
On the one hand, she knows a person in a multinational company called Liselotte and she is a manager (I guess this is the role she expects me to play, so I can be really bossy with my sisters). This was the first time she heard about this German name and she thought she had to spread its use.
On the other hand, something that not many people know, Lilo (yes, that’s the name of the amusing girl from “Lilo & Stitch”) is the abbreviated form of Liselotte.

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