7 de julio de 2010

Like the Garden of Earthly Delights

During my sixth month living in Spain, my first sister arrived.
She was named Geraldine, a Germanic name which means “the spear ruler”. What a mistake, when the boss here is me! But I am sorry mummy: that is not the only mistake with this name…
Geraldine is delicate, she likes flowers, she smells like flowers and her cheeks are soft like flowers petals… Summarizing, she is a prudish girl.

I talked about her virtues in one of my posts, so I don’t want to repeat them now.
Maybe I am a little bit jealous, but I cannot void it.

Geraldine had a new makeup at home. She also got her plastic surgery done and it was made at home! So, even she came from Hong Kong as I did, she received all these attentions here… and from mummy and daddy…
She now has long elegant eyelashes and a deep pink colour on her eyelids. That pink colour is the back of a flowers field. Moreover, she has new eyechips (iris)! She has an enviable honey colour pair with butterflies on it. Added to her silver straight hair…Jealous or not, I find some consolation in the thought that she looks a little bit prudish.

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